New for 2020


Discounted lease cars save up to 31%

 Staff Travel has been busy negotiating some great discounts on a full range of lease cars for RBFT staff.   The new scheme is being launched on 15th January 2020 at a travel event being held outside the restaurant from 12.00 to 2.00. So if you are interested in finding out more and/or getting yourself a great deal just pop along and ask of one the team. 


Discounted cycles up to 42% or 52% depending on tax band 

 A brand new Cycle to Work Salary Sacrifice Scheme was launched on 29th January 2020 offering excellent deals, there are many firsts in the scheme, now you get discount from the supplier and tax/Ni savings, no end of contract ownership transfer fee, buy from any supplier and a choice of repayment period from 6 month to 36 months.  To find out more click the cycle icon below and then the Salary Sacrifice icon.


 Discounted Bus tickets, 20% off plus and interest free loan 

 Reading Buses are offering this deal for more  info click on the Bus Icon below

Public transport is constantly improving and with the great offers available from the Trust it does make travelling by train a great alternative.  Try it for yourself, use the travel planner and see how you could benefit....... and don't forget if you gain let us know 

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